Sasaeng Culture and Where Does It Stop

An Opinion Piece On Why Sasaeng culture needs to be addressed by agencies and taken serious

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The beginning of Sasaeng culture can be traced back to the beginning of Kpop way back in the 90s with H.O.T and g.o.d. This version of a Sasaeng, however, was not the version that began to form during the years of TVXQ and JYJ. The originally just dedicated fans became not only hurtful to the members but to their selves. Gone were the days of meeting with fans on the streets, and the freedom to be themselves off stage. Here were the days were fans stalked the members to their own houses, hacked their accounts and phones, and even blackmailed and threatened the families of the members just to get a signed autograph and a chance to see their face in person. 

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This should have been stopped there and not have been allowed or even encouraged by South Korea or any of the agencies. Instead very little to no damage was put on these girls and the definition of a Sasaeng that we know began to form. Anything from blood writing to causing car accidents where people's lives were almost lost. These fans do anything in their power to not only see the idol but in turn, also hurt them.

What is even worse is now the definition of a Sasaeng has evolved. No longer is it something that only really affects boy groups, but now girl groups suffer from it (debatably more). Car chasing has become a popular trend to either try to run the car off of the road in an effort to see the girls or to just follow them in an effort to see where they live and work. Either way, it is going too far and needs to stop for the safety of the artists. 

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On top of that fandoms should stop saying it is worse for this generation in particular. Sasaeng culture has been around for years and debatably again has gotten slightly better in some ways. For example, a prosecution is now an option for some agencies( even though barely any take it). No generation of Kpop has been treated better or worse by the culture, and instead, we should be taking the steps to make the current generation and 4th generation safer to live in.

Collectively fandoms need to work together in an effort to force agencies to treat these cases more seriously. Just because an idol was not physically harmed doesn't mean that they did not suffer emotional and mental harm in the process. So many idols( specifically from 2nd generation as most have stopped the lifestyle or are more comfortable talking about it) have come out to talk about the mental harm they received from these incidents and how to this day they are still scarred. Heechul of Super Junior later went on to talk about the extent of paranoia he feels daily from the treatment they had from these fans. Others specifically EXO even came out and talked about how Sasaeng culture has ruined the connection Kpop artists and the fans once had due to stricter security for all due to a handful of crazy fans. Even rookie artists like Wanna One suffered stress from Sasaeng fans when they were only around for a year. 

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No matter your opinion on the culture it should no longer be allowed, and agencies need to take a stand to fix it. Artists shouldn't have to worry about someone stalking them when they are doing what they love. It doesn't matter if you are an Army or a Once if we can take the chance to work together than we can fix the culture, and make the Kpop work a safer place for the rookies coming up, and the current artists. 

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69 points

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