NCT 127 Release “We are Superhuman” – EP

After weeks of teasing on tour as well as in appearances on TV, K-Pop boy group NCT 127 finally released their highly anticipated 4th mini album “We are Superhuman”.

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After weeks of teasing on tour as well as in appearances on TV, K-Pop boy group NCT 127 finally released their highly anticipated fourth mini album We are Superhuman on May 24th 2019 along with a music video for the title track Superhuman.

The EP, which was released under exclusive license to SM Entertainment, consists of six tracks and each one of them has their own distinct vibe.

NCT 127 provide an introduction to the EP with Highway to Heaven, which is a synth-pop track with just the right amount of soul. It is a beautiful slow song with a few rap elements mixed together with vocals.

The chorus especially is just as heavenly as the song title itself already implies. It really showcases the group’s ability to blend their voices together as well as highlight the singers of the group who are very skilled at higher notes and harmonies. Although it doesn’t necessarily fit the genre the mainstream general public listens to, you can’t help but fall in love with this song after listening to it a few times.

– My personal rating: 8.5/10 –

Following Highway to Heaven, the title track Superhuman honestly gives a very good preview of what is to be expected from the group in this EP. It is a funky R&B song that will definitely remind you of Michael Jackson if you listen (and watch the music video!) closely.

The song is positive and uplifting, reminding the listeners of the fact that they should never give up or be scared of failing because they are superhuman and can achieve everything they set their mind to.

The music video is a high budget work of art. Just like the song, it has old school R&B and funk vibes and the setting is very futuristic and extraterrestrial. The outfits and the choreography both highlight NCT 127’s stunning visuals as well as every single member’s excellent dancing skills. The editing was done very professionally with many effects, but it in no way seems oversaturated.

Altogether, the song and the music video are the perfect title for this EP, as it is a bold statement and once again proves how versatile the entire group is. It creates enough anticipation to make the listener interested in diving into the rest of the EP.

– My personal rating:
Song: 9/10
Music Video: 10/10 –

Now, after the track Superhuman” comes my absolute favorite one off of the EP, “FOOL”. It’s a catchy R&B track with mostly rap parts, but a soulfully sung chorus. The song is about wanting to confess to a girl that they like her but being too shy and nervous to do so. Although the topic of the song is something most young teenagers are probably familiar with, the sound of the song is very mature and sensual. It’s a song you can listen to multiple times without getting tired of it and it really shows once again how well R&B music suits the group.

– My personal rating: 10/10 –

The next song on the EP is “Jet Lag”, which was specifically made for NCT 127’s fans, the NCTzens.

It thanks them for their support and tells them that they “got each other”, no matter how far apart their time zones may be and despite not being present physically. It is a stunning ballad accompanied by a piano that mainly focuses on the vocal line of the group.

In this song, it is especially clear how all of the members have different unique vocal tones but still manage to create something special and blend in together perfectly, especially because the rappers of the group are singing here as well.

The overall vibe of the track is calm and soothing, which fits well considering it’s reassuring and a promise to the fans.

– My personal rating: 9.5/10 –

The track “Paper Plane” is quite imaginative as it is basically about dreaming of being adventurous and being “a white cloud flowing” in the wind. The group sings about how they want to fly far away and see and do so much more than just “always hanging around”.

The song has some EDM elements to it, although it is not your typical EDM party track with a crazy drop and energetic beat. It’s calmer, and the light drop and subtle harmonies make it easy for the listener to visualize exactly what the group is singing about.

– My personal rating: 8/10 –

Last but certainly not least, we have the “OUTRO: WE ARE 127”. It is mainly instrumental, as no one is singing in this track except for a member occasionally whispering “we are NCT 127” in both English and Korean and one very short sample of “Superhuman”.

The outro serves as a good finish of the EP as it obviously marks the end but yet still manages to leave the listener curious enough to look into NCT 127 further and anticipate their next release.

– My personal rating: 8/10 –

All in all, it is safe to say that NCT 127 have outdone themselves with this project once again, and proved to the world how superhuman they truly are.

The group succeeded at experimenting with new sounds and proved their versatility by showing how well they work with not only pop, but hip hop and R&B as well. All songs on the EP cohesively flow into one another and make it a perfect all-round success.

– OVERALL REVIEW: 8.9/10 –

You can listen to NCT 127’s “We are Superhuman” – EP here!


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