How Much Do You Love Music?

Check out this quiz to find out!

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You probably know already how much of a music lover you are personally. But for the purpose of fun, try out this personality quiz to find out how much you love music.

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  1. 1 Do you have a lot of different musical tastes, or just one specific genre that you listen to?

    1. Just one genre.
    2. A few.
    3. I have so many different tastes in music where do I start?
  2. 2 Do you lose track of time while listening to music?

    1. Yep , it happens ALL THE TIME.
    2. It happens , sometimes , not all the time though
    3. Nope, I’m actually quite aware of my surroundings and time, music doesn't interfere.
  3. 3 What would you do if music was permanently removed from the world?

    1. I'd die a slow and sad death. What's life without music?
    2. It's not the end of the world, I’ll move on
    3. I’d be sad, probably cry a little and eventually move on.
    4. I probably wouldn't even notice .
  4. 4 How often do you listen to music?

    1. Every day, every night, every hour, whenever I can
    2. Not much really.
    3. Maybe once a day.
    4. 3-4 times is a must
  5. 5 Suppose you are forced to clean up your messy room. You have only one hour to finish your task. How do you choose the perfect soundtrack to get the job done faster?

    1. Take this opportunity to stream new music only.
    2. Create a playlist in advance with your favourites tracks only.
    3. Is it really necessary to listen to music while working now?
    4. Doesn’t matter, any music is fine .
  6. 6 Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you listen to this one song that you love so much that you listen to it continuously and then eventually end up skipping it?

    1. The story of my life ^ …..
    2. Nope, I have never been in this situation ever.
    3. The word “skip” does not exist in my dictionary I could never skip a song.
  7. 7 What is your current alarm clock ringtone?

    1. One of my favourite songs of course!
    2. The one that is set as default on my phone, I don't bother changing it.
  8. 8 Your favourite artist/band is going to release a new single when its way past your bedtime. What do you do ?

    1. Stay up, wait for the song to release, give it at least five listens and then go to sleep.
    2. Go to sleep during your normal bedroom time hours and check in the morning.

How Much Do You Love Music?

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  1. Quiz result

    Music is Your Soul!

    You breathe in music, you breathe out music. You can't live without it as it plays a very important role in your life. If you would have to choose between living without music and death, you'd rather choose death. You absolutely can not imagine a life without music. Your favourite artist/band is lucky to have such a loyal fan like you! Great job!

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  2. Quiz result

    You Love Music a LOT!

    Listening to music is part of your daily routine. You love it and you listen to it a lot especially at times you are stressed, anxious or even just to concentrate on your everyday activities. You live with the vibe and though there may be times when you are a bit too busy to catch up with the latest music releases your support for your favourite artists is strong and it definitely means a lot to them, and to you!

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  3. Quiz result

    You Love Music…..But You Can Live Without It.

    You probably are not a die-hard music lover but you do listen to music from time to time. You listen to various genres and don’t feel the need to repeat a song. You go along with the vibe and listen to the songs that are available to you. You don’t think much about the latest music releases. You listen to music because it exists, but if it were to vanish that wouldn’t affect you in any sort of way. But that being said, you still love music and it definitely sets you a positive mindset!

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