Fanstamedia’s Ultimate Guide on Buying Tickets Online Safely

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Buying tickets online can turn out to be very frustrating due to many factors. Technology has improved so much that we don’t have to stay out all night lining outside a box office to purchase tickets. But this new innovative way of purchasing tickets online is still a hassle to thousands of fans. The main reasons are – high fees , bots, and secondhand markets. At the end of the day, all you want is tickets at a reasonable price (within your budget) so that you see your favorite artist perform live on stage. 

Collected from various resources, we put together some tips and tricks on buying tickets from Ticketmaster and other secondary sites. We also included a guide on how to avoid getting scammed as well.

Tips on buying tickets from Ticketmaster: 

  1.  Sign up for credit cards , artist fan clubs etc to get access to presale codes. These will allow you to get early access to tickets.

  2. Be sure to have your ticketmaster account ready ahead of time. Add your billing info and make sure everything else ( name , phone number , credit card expiry date) is up-to-date. That way , you can speed checkout when purchasing tickets.

  3. Have multiple browsers open (if possible , have multiple accounts too) for better chances.

  4. Do not refresh your page! This is very important. Always remember that Ticketmaster will do this for you so avoid doing this at all costs. 

  5. It is highly recommended that you use the Ticketmaster Mobile App to purchase tickets. It will be faster and easier.                                                                                                                                        

Tips on buying tickets from secondary resources other than Ticketmaster: 

  1.  Using secondary ticketing marketplaces like Stubhub, Vividseats, Tickpick, etc for purchasing tickets is a better option than to buy it from a complete stranger online. Indeed you will be paying an extra fee but you will end up with legitimate tickets to the event. 

  1. It's crucial to always keep your eyes open on the ticket prices from these secondary markets. That's because often ticket prices fall below face value and you might be in for a good deal. 

  1. Facebook is another place to buy tickets. Normally if it is a genuine person who just can’t make it to the event will have a legitimate profile and provide assurance that they are not a scam. However, if the person who you are buying a ticket from someone who just a profile that has been recently made or has an unusual name; that could be a sign of a scam.

  1. It is not recommended to buy tickets from scalpers unless they are trustworthy. If the scalper does not hesitate to walk with you to the venue entrance before buying then you can be assured that you are getting a legitimate ticket.

Tips on Avoiding Scammers:

  • When buying a ticket from someone else, try to set up a phone call  so that you can talk it out to be asssured that it is a geniune person trying to sell off their tickets. If its a scammer,  the probability of he/she will refuse to do so is fairly high and this should be an early indication that something might be fishy. 

  • If possible, meeting up the seller in person reduces the chances of getting scammed. In that way, you can be assured that you are getting a legitimate ticket.

  • Use payment methods (i.e. Paypal) that come with buyer protection policies. 

  • Protect your personal and financial information at all times. For example, If you are purchasing tickets using Paypal, be sure to check the links and emails that are being sent to you. Sometimes scammers will send you a fake PayPal email even though it looks real. The Paypal stated that, the real Paypal email will use your first and last name to address you while fake emails from might address you as ‘Dear PayPal user’. Therefore, it is very important that you check the URLs before providing your information and purchasing.

Once you have bought tickets, do not post the barcode of the ticket online! Sometimes fans get super excited and post their ticket along with the barcode on social media to share the joy with their friends and followers. This must be avoided at all costs because barcodes can be easily replicated and therefore increases the risk of someone else getting a hold of your ticket and uses it before you do. To be on the safe side, just cover up the code before sharing it on social media.

Good luck in buying tickets to your desired event! 

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